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What is VueOne?

VueOne is Vueron’s flagship product which can be deployed on various automotive-qualified processors. It accurately detects and informs users of necessary ADAS and autonomous driving information such as surrounding vehicles and road information. VueOne is the world’s first solution that was used for autonomous driving with one LiDAR sensor assist (no camera, radar, GPS, or HD map).
Using VueOne, Vueron successfully earned an autonomous driving license and tested various situations on the real roads of Korea and US.

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LiDAR-only Autonomous Driving

Vueron succeeded in driving 383 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco via Interstate 5 and Interstate 580, for 6 hours at a maximum speed of 70mph. The safety driver who rode in the vehicle never engaged.

USA / LiDAR Autonomous Driving from LA to SF

– LA to SF (383mi / 6hrs)
– Only 1 LiDAR used
– No Camera / Radar / GPS / HD map
– No driver engagement

KOREA / Vueron LiDAR-only autonomous driving

– Seoul to Busan (414km / 5hrs)
– Only 1 spinning LiDAR used
– No Camera / Radar / GPS / HD map
– No driver engagement

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