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Unlocking endless possibilities for a smarter, safer city

What is VueTwo?

VueTwo helps people live in a safer world without disrupting privacy, day or night. It can detect, classify, and track physical security breaches in any environment.
VueTwo, in cooperation with other sensors and systems, can be applied to traffic management, energy management, intelligent infrastructure, and more in a smart city.

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Smart Crowd Analytics (SCA)

The very first LiDAR based smart city crowd management system

One of the solutions based on VueTwo, SCA can accurately detect and analyze areas with more than six people per square meter, even in low light.
It detects how far apart each person is, how fast they’re moving and their size using 3D data, simultaneously prioritizing people’s privacy.
SCA provides precise pedestrian traffic data. It helps service providers and users make informed decisions, paving the way for true smart cities.

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The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CTA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

Differences with CCTV Surveillance System

Vueron’s Smart Crowd Analytics

Functions VueTwo Provides

Object classification
People Counting & ID Tracking
Event zone setting and alarming
Queue management
(Crowd analysis)
Speed measurement
Size measurement
Sensor fusion

Various Applications Of VueTwo

Smart Factory

Ensure safety between heavy machinery and workers, and provide a highly efficient working environment

Airport Facility

Improve operational efficiency of the airport facilities and reduce unnecessary time for travelers

Port Facility

Build a high-level security system by real-time monitoring of unauthorized intruders in facilities

Construction Site

Detect routes and traffic at worksites to prevent incidents and design efficient routes

Road Traffic

Improve traffic flow and safety through tracking flow of vehicles, pedestrians, and monitor real-time traffic conditions.

Research Institution

Safely protect information assets with a safety net that detects even potential threats and provide access control

Financial Institution

Protect customers and assets of financial institutions with high-level, perimeter security and intrusion detection.

Building & Office

Provide a safe and secure environment that satisfies both the convenience of employees and the efficiency of companies