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High-tech traffic signs heading to Arizona as part of $1 million federal grant
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Applied Intuition to Acquire Embark Technology for $71 Million
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1. Baidu launches driverless taxis in Chongqing and Wuhan

    • Baidu, the Chinese technology company, has launched its driverless taxi service in the cities of Chongqing and Wuhan.
    • The service, named “Apollo Go,” is part of Baidu’s ambitious plan to deploy autonomous vehicles for commercial operations.
    • Baidu’s autonomous taxis are equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and other technologies to navigate urban environments.
    • The driverless taxis will initially operate in designated areas called “pilot zones” within the cities.
    • Passengers can book a ride using Baidu’s smartphone app and will be picked up and dropped off at designated locations within the pilot zones.
    • Baidu’s driverless taxis will have safety drivers on board initially to monitor the system and take control if necessary.

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Baidu’s launch of driverless taxis in Chongqing and Wuhan showcases the company’s progress in autonomous vehicle technology and signifies a significant step towards realizing widespread adoption of self-driving cars in China.

2. Fukui launches Japan’s first transport service using ‘level 4’ autonomous driving

    • Fukui Prefecture in Japan has announced plans to conduct tests for level 4 autonomous driving.
    • The tests will take place on public roads in the prefecture’s three cities: Fukui, Obama, and Sabae.
    • Level 4 autonomous driving refers to a high degree of automation where vehicles can operate without human intervention in certain defined conditions.
    • The tests will involve autonomous vehicles navigating various scenarios, including urban and rural environments, to evaluate their performance and safety.
    • Fukui Prefecture aims to utilize the test results to develop autonomous driving technologies and promote the use of self-driving vehicles in the region.
    • The tests will be conducted in collaboration with local businesses, research institutions, and automobile manufacturers.
    • Fukui Prefecture plans to create a supportive environment for autonomous driving by establishing necessary infrastructure and regulations.

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Fukui Prefecture’s initiative to conduct level 4 autonomous driving tests reflects Japan’s ambition to harness the potential of self-driving vehicles and pave the way for a future where autonomous transportation is a common reality.

3. High-tech traffic signs heading to Arizona as part of $1 million federal grant

    • Rural areas in Arizona will receive high-tech traffic signs as part of a grant-funded initiative.
    • The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will install Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) signs in rural locations across the state.
    • The ITS signs will provide real-time information about road conditions, weather, accidents, and other relevant updates to motorists.
    • The project aims to enhance safety, improve traffic flow, and provide timely information to drivers in remote areas.
    • The grant, awarded by the U.S. Department of Transportation, will cover the installation costs of the high-tech traffic signs.
    • ADOT plans to prioritize rural locations with high crash rates or challenging driving conditions for the installation of the ITS signs.
    • The signs will utilize advanced technology, including sensors, cameras, and communication systems, to gather and relay information.
    • The data collected from the signs will also help ADOT make informed decisions about road maintenance and improvement efforts.

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The introduction of high-tech traffic signs in rural Arizona demonstrates a proactive approach to leveraging technology for improved road safety and enhanced transportation infrastructure. This initiative has the potential to serve as a model for other rural areas seeking to leverage intelligent transportation systems to benefit both drivers and overall road management.

4. Applied Intuition to Acquire Embark Technology for $71 Million

    • Applied Intuition, a provider of simulation software for autonomous vehicles, has announced its acquisition of Embark Technology.
    • The acquisition deal involves a purchase price of $71 million.
    • Applied Intuition specializes in simulation and testing tools that aid in the development and validation of autonomous vehicle systems.
    • Embark Technology is a self-driving truck startup focused on developing autonomous trucking technology.
    • The acquisition will allow Applied Intuition to expand its capabilities and offerings in the autonomous vehicle industry.
    • Applied Intuition plans to integrate Embark’s expertise and technology into its simulation platform.
    • The combination of Applied Intuition’s simulation software and Embark’s autonomous trucking technology will facilitate comprehensive testing and development for self-driving trucks.
    • The acquisition deal reflects the ongoing consolidation and collaboration within the autonomous vehicle industry.

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Applied Intuition’s acquisition of Embark Technology demonstrates its strategic move to expand its presence and capabilities in the autonomous vehicle industry. The acquisition reflects the ongoing trend of collaboration and consolidation within the autonomous vehicle industry.

5. Commsignia and Mitsubishi Electric Agree to Partnership for Delivery of Advanced V2X Solutions for Vehicles

    • Autonomous driving technology company ZMP Inc. is set to launch self-driving buses in Japan in collaboration with logistics company Hinomaru Kotsu Co.
    • The self-driving buses, equipped with ZMP’s autonomous driving technology, will operate on a fixed route in Tokyo’s Ota Ward.
    • The buses will transport passengers between the Haneda Airport and the city’s busy Ota Ward district.
    • The initiative aims to address the shortage of drivers and provide an efficient and convenient transportation option for commuters.
    • ZMP’s autonomous technology enables the buses to navigate urban environments, including handling traffic signals, pedestrians, and other vehicles.
    • The buses will undergo a trial period to test their safety and functionality before officially launching the service to the public.

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The partnership highlights the importance of collaboration and the pooling of expertise to drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of V2X solutions. The implementation of advanced V2X solutions can pave the way for the future of connected and autonomous vehicles, revolutionizing the transportation landscape.

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