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TuSimple Operates Fully Autonomous Semi-truck on Public Roads
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ADDED inks deal with Valeo to boost Abu Dhabi’s automotive sector
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Self-driving truck company Einride expands into Norway
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LiDAR Company with Israeli Group Introduce Breakthrough System to Prevent Bridge Collisions
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Quanergy, Convergint Partner on Enhanced LiDAR Perimeter Intrusion Detection

1. TuSimple Operates Fully Autonomous Semi-truck on Public Roads

    • TuSimple has achieved China’s first fully autonomous semi-truck run on open public roads without human intervention.
    • The test took place on approved public roads in Shanghai, covering approximately 62 kilometers.
    • The autonomous truck navigated various challenging road and weather conditions, including urban and highway environments, traffic signals, on/off-ramps, lane changes, fog, and crosswinds.
    • The test was conducted by TuSimple China’s Autonomous Driving System, without a human driver on board or remote control of the vehicle.
    • TuSimple worked closely with government regulators, law enforcement, and implemented a safety vehicle to ensure public safety during the test.
    • The Driver Out program represents over two years of development, focusing on meeting the requirements of SAE Level 4 autonomy with an emphasis on redundancy, reliability, and stability for safe and fully driverless operations.

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TuSimple’s achievement of a fully autonomous semi-truck run in China demonstrates significant progress in autonomous driving technology. Collaboration with government regulators and law enforcement is crucial to ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of autonomous vehicle operations. The ability to conduct driverless operations on open roads brings us closer to a future with widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles.

2. ADDED inks deal with Valeo to boost Abu Dhabi’s automotive sector

    • Valeo, a global automotive technology company, plans to establish a facility in Abu Dhabi to manufacture smart car components.
    • The manufacturing plant will focus on producing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and sensors for autonomous vehicles.
    • Abu Dhabi’s strategic location and commitment to technological innovation make it an ideal location for Valeo’s expansion.
    • The facility will contribute to the development of Abu Dhabi’s automotive industry and promote the growth of the local economy.
    • The manufacturing plant is part of Valeo’s global expansion strategy and aligns with the UAE’s vision of becoming a hub for advanced technologies.
    • The smart car components produced in Abu Dhabi will cater to the growing demand for autonomous and electric vehicles globally.

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Abu Dhabi’s strategic location offers access to key markets and positions the region as a center for automotive innovation and manufacturing. The production of smart car components aligns with the global trend towards electric and autonomous vehicles, indicating the UAE’s ambition to be at the forefront of sustainable and technologically advanced transportation.

3. Self-driving truck company Einride expands into Norway

    • Einride, a self-driving truck company based in Sweden, is expanding its operations into Norway.
    • The company aims to deploy its autonomous electric trucks on Norwegian roads, starting with a pilot project in 2023.
    • Einride’s trucks, known as “Pods,” are equipped with advanced sensors and software for autonomous operation.
    • The expansion into Norway is part of Einride’s plan to offer sustainable and efficient transport solutions.
    • The pilot project will involve transporting goods for a major Norwegian retailer on a specific route.
    • Einride will collaborate with local partners, including infrastructure providers and government agencies, to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.
    • The expansion into Norway marks an important milestone for Einride as it seeks to establish a presence in the European autonomous trucking market.

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Einride’s expansion into Norway demonstrates the company’s ambition to expand its self-driving truck operations beyond Sweden. The pilot project with a major Norwegian retailer highlights the potential for autonomous trucks to be integrated into existing supply chain operations. The entry of Einride into the Norwegian market indicates the growing interest and investment in autonomous trucking technologies across Europe.

4. LiDAR Company with Israeli Group Introduce Breakthrough System to Prevent Bridge Collisions

    • Innoviz Technologies and Drive Group have partnered to develop a Bridge Collision Detection system using LiDAR technology.
    • The solution aims to reduce bridge and tunnel accidents globally, improving road safety and minimizing infrastructure damage and traffic congestion.
    • The system uses precise 3D visualization created by Innoviz’s LiDAR sensors to accurately detect vehicles exceeding height or width thresholds.
    • Alerts are triggered, capturing license plate information, and enabling intervention by local authorities to prevent potential collisions.
    • Innoviz’s LiDAR system, Innoviz One, has a pre-configured region of interest and records multiple reflections per pixel, ensuring comprehensive detection even in challenging weather conditions.
    • Gaps in LiDAR scanning are eliminated, allowing for the detection of small objects or pedestrians within the 3D point cloud data.
    • Bridge and tunnel collisions in the United States alone cost approximately $270 million in damages annually, highlighting the economic value of this LiDAR-based solution.
    • The collaboration between Innoviz Technologies and Drive Group demonstrates their commitment to addressing road safety challenges and deploying advanced technological solutions.

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The use of LiDAR technology in the Bridge Collision Detection system offers enhanced detection capabilities compared to camera-based systems, reducing false alarms. Bridge and tunnel accidents pose significant financial costs and safety risks globally, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions like the Bridge Collision Detection system.

5. Quanergy, Convergint Partner on Enhanced LiDAR Perimeter Intrusion Detection

    • Quanergy, a provider of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, has partnered with Convergint Technologies, a global security systems integrator.
    • The collaboration aims to leverage LiDAR technology for mission-critical security applications, enhancing perimeter protection and threat detection.
    • LiDAR uses lasers to measure distances and create detailed 3D maps of the surrounding environment.
    • Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors provide accurate and real-time information, enabling advanced detection and tracking capabilities.
    • By integrating LiDAR with Convergint’s security systems, the partnership aims to enhance situational awareness and response capabilities.
    • The combination of LiDAR’s precise object detection and Convergint’s security expertise can improve perimeter security, intrusion detection, and threat identification.
    • The partnership will focus on developing customized solutions for various industries, including critical infrastructure, airports, and government facilities.

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The collaboration between Quanergy and Convergint Technologies highlights the potential of LiDAR technology in mission-critical security applications. The partnership addresses the increasing need for advanced security solutions across various industries, particularly critical infrastructure and high-security facilities. By combining Quanergy’s expertise in LiDAR technology and Convergint’s experience in security systems integration, the collaboration aims to deliver customized solutions tailored to specific security requirements.

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