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Gatik to deploy autonomous trucks with Tyson Foods
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Aviva PLC Acquires Position in Hesai Group, Aiming for Growth in LiDAR Solutions
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Vueron Technology Wins WSCE 2023 Awards for Security Solutions
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Hyperview collaborates with Lanyou Technology to advance autonomous driving solutions
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Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer could boost company’s value by R9.5 trillion — Major investment firm

1. Gatik to deploy autonomous trucks with Tyson Foods

    • Gatik, a company specializing in automating middle-mile logistics, is partnering with Tyson Foods.
    • The partnership aims to deploy autonomous refrigerated box trucks in Arkansas for 18-hour daily operations.
    • The trucks will transport products from Tyson’s facilities in Rogers and Springdale to distribution and storage centers.
    • Gatik’s autonomous trucks will follow predetermined short-haul, repeated routes.
    • The vehicles are equipped with 26-foot temperature-controlled boxes designed for refrigerated and frozen goods transport.
    • Safety drivers will initially monitor the autonomous system and take control if necessary.
    • Gatik has a phased deployment approach involving simulated training, closed-course testing, and public testing.
    • Tyson Foods seeks increased asset utilization, improved inventory management, and a more responsive logistics approach.
    • Gatik previously announced a partnership with Kroger for autonomous transport within Kroger’s Dallas distribution network.

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Gatik’s collaboration with Tyson Foods represents a significant step in autonomous middle-mile logistics, focusing on refrigerated goods. Gatik’s partnerships with Tyson Foods and Kroger demonstrate its commitment to revolutionizing B2B logistics through automation.

2. Aviva PLC Acquires Position in Hesai Group, Aiming for Growth in LiDAR Solutions

    • Aviva PLC, a global insurance company, acquired 70,000 shares of Hesai Group stock valued at approximately $1,083,000 during the first quarter.
    • This acquisition represents a 0.06% ownership stake in Hesai Group for Aviva PLC.
    • Hesai Group specializes in developing and manufacturing three-dimensional LiDAR solutions primarily used in advanced driver assistance systems for vehicles, both passenger and commercial.
    • Additionally, Hesai Group’s LiDAR technology is utilized in autonomous mobility services to enhance safety measures.
    • The company’s LiDAR solutions also find applications in various sectors like delivery robots, street sweeping robots, and logistics robots operating in restricted areas.
    • Despite reporting a negative earnings per share (EPS) of ($0.08) for the recent quarter, Hesai Group generated $60.72 million in revenue during the same period.
    • Research analysts predict Hesai Group may post a total annual EPS of -0.27 for the current year.

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Aviva PLC’s acquisition of a position in Hesai Group indicates its interest in the company and its growth potential. The earnings results and negative EPS reported by Hesai Group suggest potential challenges, but the company’s role in emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles and robotics may drive future growth.

3. Vueron Technology Wins WSCE 2023 Awards for Security Solutions

    • Vueron Technology has won the WSCE 2023 Awards at the World Smart City Expo 2023 (WSCE 2023), a significant smart city event in the Asia-Pacific region.
    • WSCE 2023 is one of the world’s largest exhibitions in the smart city sector and the largest in Korea, with participation from over 200 cities and experts from governments and companies in the smart city sector.
    • Vueron Technology received the award in the Security & Solution category for its innovative project involving lidar technology to detect high-risk environments with crowded conditions, supporting citizen safety and rapid decision-making.
    • The project involved collaborating with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and using lidar technology to accurately identify areas with six or more people per square meter.
    • The accurate data obtained through this project can be valuable for smart city design, urban planning, and commercial area analysis.

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Vueron Technology’s lidar technology project demonstrates how advanced sensor technology can contribute to enhancing citizen safety and improving decision-making for city management. Accurate data collection methods like lidar can play a crucial role in smart city development, offering insights for urban planning, infrastructure design, and commercial analysis.

4. Hyperview collaborates with Lanyou Technology to advance autonomous driving solutions

    • Hyperview, a Chinese provider of commercial vehicle autonomous driving solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Lanyou Intelligent Connection Technology (Lanyou) on September 5.
    • The partnership aims to enhance their presence and business value in the autonomous driving solutions sector and promote technological advancements, product development, and support for automakers.
    • Both companies will collaborate on intelligent driving technologies and the development and application of in-car hardware and software products.
    • Their goal is to create competitive intelligent driving solutions using new technologies and products and expand their partnership network and customer base by sharing information on product roadmaps, matrices, and development tools.
    • Hyperview and Lanyou will engage in deep cooperation in passenger and commercial vehicle intelligent driving applications, including collaborative research and development of cutting-edge technologies to accelerate the deployment of intelligent driving solutions in various scenarios.
    • Lanyou Intelligent Connection Technology, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Lanyou Technology Co., Ltd., focuses on R&D in intelligent connected vehicles, in-car smart terminals, intelligent driving technology, automotive engineering, and automotive design.

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This partnership between Hyperview and Lanyou reflects the growing importance of autonomous driving solutions in the Chinese market. Lanyou’s specialization in intelligent connected vehicles and related technologies complements Hyperview’s expertise in commercial vehicle autonomous driving solutions, potentially leading to valuable synergies.

5. Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer could boost company’s value by R9.5 trillion — Major investment firm

    • Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer is predicted to potentially increase the company’s market value by up to $500 billion, according to Morgan Stanley.
    • Analysts see Dojo as a tool that can open new markets, similar to how Amazon Web Services (AWS) did for
    • Morgan Stanley upgraded Tesla’s stock from equal-weight to overweight and raised its 12-month price target to a Street-high of $400 per share, up from $250.
    • Tesla’s stock has already more than doubled in value this year and closed at $248.50.
    • Dojo, designed for training driving systems with vast amounts of data, could give Tesla a significant advantage in a market potentially worth $10 trillion.
    • The supercomputer’s role in software and services may become the primary driver of value for Tesla.
    • Upcoming developments to watch include the next version of Tesla’s full self-driving system expected by year-end and the company’s AI day in early 2024.
    • Tesla has been highlighting the importance of Dojo in its AI and self-driving technology efforts since at least 2021.
    • CEO Elon Musk announced plans to invest over $1 billion in the Dojo project by the end of 2024.
    • Morgan Stanley’s target price would bring Tesla’s stock close to its record high in November 2021, making the firm an outlier as the average analyst price target is significantly lower at $268.42.

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Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer is seen as a game-changer, potentially driving a substantial increase in the company’s market value. Morgan Stanley’s bullish stance on Tesla is based on the belief that Dojo could revolutionize the market for autonomous driving and related services. The growing importance of software and services in Tesla’s future underscores the company’s transition from being primarily an automaker to a technology-driven entity.

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