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[231205] #Hesai #NVIDIA #Outsight

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Inceptio Technology revolutionizes the Chinese logistics industry with its autonomous trucks
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Nvidia taps China talent for autonomous driving endeavors
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Li Auto (LI) passes 300k EV delivery goal a month early
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New Partnership Agreement Between Outsight and Innovusion to Accelerate LiDAR Technology’s Adoption in the ITS Market

1. Inceptio Technology revolutionizes the Chinese logistics industry with its autonomous trucks

    • Inceptio Technology, a Chinese autonomous driving technology company for heavy-duty trucks, has successfully delivered its first batch of 63 autonomous trucks to Yunyi Transport, an international express logistics company.
    • The order from Yunyi Transport includes a total of 300 heavy-duty trucks equipped with Inceptio’s cutting-edge autonomous driving technology.
    • The delivered trucks are “Tianlong” models, co-developed by Inceptio and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, featuring Inceptio’s complete autonomous driving system pre-installed.
    • Julian Ma, founder and CEO of Inceptio, considers this delivery a pivotal moment in the widespread adoption of autonomous driving technology, highlighting that major express logistics companies are recognizing the benefits of autonomy, including cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced safety.
    • The collaboration between Inceptio and Yunyi Transport is seen as a significant turning point in the logistics sector, where innovative technologies are reshaping traditional practices.
    • The introduction of autonomous trucks is expected to revolutionize the express logistics industry in China and Southeast Asia, enabling streamlined operations, faster deliveries, and ensuring high levels of safety for drivers and customers.

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The successful delivery of autonomous trucks represents a major step forward in the commercialization of autonomous driving technology for heavy-duty trucks in China. The collaboration between Inceptio and Yunyi Transport signals a broader trend in the logistics industry where companies are leveraging innovative technologies to stay competitive and meet the evolving demands of the sector.

2. Hesai Responds to False Allegations Raised by Members of Congress

    • Hesai Technology, a leader in lidar sensor tech, responded to false claims from a U.S. committee.
    • They clarified that their lidars don’t store or transmit data, passed cybersecurity certifications, and are not for surveillance or military use.
    • Hesai won an IP lawsuit, operates independently without government intervention, and their lidars have a higher price due to quality.
    • The response aims to maintain Hesai’s reputation for transparency, compliance, and commitment to road safety.

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Hesai’s response is comprehensive, addressing allegations related to data security, privacy, military suitability, intellectual property, government relations, and market competitiveness. The statement serves as a proactive effort to maintain the company’s reputation and credibility in response to potentially damaging allegations, aiming to reassure stakeholders and customers of Hesai’s integrity and commitment to ethical business practices.

3. Nvidia taps China talent for autonomous driving endeavors

    • Nvidia is actively recruiting for its autonomous driving team in China, with two dozen roles available in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.
    • Led by Xinzhou Wu, who joined Nvidia from Xpeng, the team aims to play a key role in the commercialization of Nvidia’s autonomous driving products globally. 
    • Despite export restrictions, Nvidia views China as a crucial hub for autonomous vehicle development due to intense competition in the country’s auto industry. 
    • Wu’s transition from Xpeng to Nvidia hints at potential collaboration between the two companies in the semiconductor field. 
    • The China AV team at Nvidia has wide-ranging responsibilities, including AI system design, testing, and real-time data processing for various vehicle types.

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Nvidia’s strategic recruitment in China underscores the importance of the country in advancing autonomous driving technologies, given its competitive auto industry and talent pool. Despite export control challenges, Nvidia is actively investing in China, recognizing the significance of the market and its potential contributions to autonomous driving technology.

4. Li Auto (LI) passes 300k EV delivery goal a month early

    • Li Auto delivered 41,030 vehicles in November 2023, marking a 172.9% increase compared to the same period in the previous year.
    • The cumulative year-to-date deliveries as of November 2023 reached 325,677, surpassing the company’s 2023 target of 300,000 vehicles ahead of schedule.
    • The strong growth is attributed to the popularity of Li Auto’s three Li L series models, making it the highest monthly delivery among Chinese emerging new energy automakers and premium brands in China.
    • The company aims to achieve a 50,000 monthly delivery target in December, emphasizing preparations in sales, supply, production, and delivery capabilities.
    • Li Auto reports “significant progress” in autonomous driving research and development, planning to accelerate the rollout of AD Max 3.0 through the upgrade of OTA version 5.0 in December.
    • The upgraded AD Max 3.0 will offer full scenario autonomous driving and assisted driving functions, along with an advanced AEB active safety system and automated parking system.

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Li Auto’s robust delivery performance reflects the company’s successful positioning in the competitive Chinese electric vehicle market. Surpassing the annual delivery target ahead of schedule signifies strong demand for Li Auto’s vehicles, particularly the Li L series models.

5. New Partnership Agreement Between Outsight and Innovusion to Accelerate LiDAR Technology’s Adoption in the ITS Market

    • Outsight and Innovusion announce a partnership to combine Outsight’s 3D Spatial Intelligence Software Solutions with Innovusion’s high-performance LiDAR systems.
    • The collaboration aims to deploy 3D perception technologies at a large scale for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), providing a new dimension of spatial information.
    • Innovusion is a key partner in Outsight’s mission to expand the adoption of 3D LiDAR technology, offering LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles and smart transportation.
    • Outsight’s software transforms raw data from 3D LiDAR into actionable insights, analyzing position, movement, and speed of objects in real-time.
    • The partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of LiDAR technology in the Infrastructure ITS market, enhancing transportation safety through innovative perception technologies.
    • Raul Bravo, President and Founder of Outsight, expresses excitement about leveraging high-resolution data from Innovusion’s long-range 1550nm LiDAR.
    • Junwei Bao, CEO and co-founder of Innovusion, highlights the commitment to advancing perception technologies like LiDAR in the ITS industry, enabling the development of efficient global transportation systems.

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The partnership between Outsight and Innovusion underscores the synergy between software and hardware specialists in advancing 3D LiDAR technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems. The focus on the Infrastructure ITS market suggests a strategic effort to contribute to the development of intelligent transportation systems, with potential applications in intersections and highways.

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