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GAC Aion, Didi
GAC Aion, Didi Set Up Self-Driving Electric Car Venture
Autonomous Driving
Bosch, Five AI
Bosch Buys UK Self-Driving Firm Five AI
Autonomous Driving
Uber Eats, Waymo
Uber Eats now uses Waymo’s self-driving cars to offer driverless deliveries
Autonomous Driving
Hyundai Motor, Toyota
Hyundai Motor-Toyota partnership looms after chiefs‘ meetup
Inertial Labs, Sony
Inertial Labs and Sony’s Airpeak Forge Partnership to Integrate Advanced LiDAR Technology

1. GAC Aion, Didi Set Up Self-Driving Electric Car Venture

  • GAC Aion and Didi Chuxing formed a 50-50 joint venture to produce autonomous electric vehicles (EVs).
  • The joint venture will utilize GAC Aion’s third-generation AEP 3.0 platform and Didi’s Level-4 self-driving technology.
  • The registered capital of the joint venture is CNY420 million (USD58 million).
    The collaboration between Didi and GAC Aion started with a partnership announced in May 2021, leading to the formation of the AIDI Program.
  • The AIDI Program marks the first large-scale JV in China between a carmaker and an autonomous driving firm to mass produce EVs.
  • The first model from the AIDI Program will incorporate Voyager’s L4 autonomous driving system for travel services.
  • Chen Xuewen, an AI expert and former Didi executive, joined GAC Research and Development Center in July 2021 to work on AI-related projects such as autonomous driving and intelligent cockpits.
  • Voyager received USD149 million investment from a fund established by GAC Group to enhance R&D and commercialization of its technologies.

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The collaboration between GAC Aion and Didi Chuxing reflects a growing trend of partnerships between traditional automakers and tech companies to develop autonomous vehicles. The involvement of an experienced AI expert like Chen Xuewen signifies a strong commitment to advancing AI capabilities within the automotive industry.

2. Bosch Buys UK Self-Driving Firm Five AI

  • Bosch, a multinational tech firm, has acquired Five AI, a British automated driving company.
  • Five AI chose Bosch over other bidders due to a shared vision of automated driving and safe systems.
  • The acquisition agreement was signed earlier in the month, with financial details undisclosed and pending approval from antitrust authorities.
  • Markus Heyn, Bosch’s mobility solutions business sector chair, sees automated driving as enhancing road safety and aims for Five to bolster their software development efforts in this area.
  • Five, headquartered in Cambridge, England, with additional offices across the U.K., will integrate into Bosch’s Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division.
  • Five transitioned from robotaxis to B2B, prompting the decision to sell, according to CEO Stan Boland.
  • Boland highlights Bosch’s expertise and data resources as crucial for bringing safe self-driving systems to market.
  • This acquisition follows Bosch’s recent purchase of a minority stake in Indian B2B startup Zeliot Connected Services.
  • Self-driving vehicles represent a promising future for the auto industry, with companies like Tesla, GM, and Volvo actively pursuing their development despite regulatory and technological hurdles.

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Integration into Bosch’s division provides Five AI with access to extensive resources and expertise, potentially accelerating the development and deployment of self-driving technology. The move indicates Bosch’s commitment to innovation and expansion in key emerging markets, such as autonomous vehicles and connected services.

3. Uber Eats now uses Waymo’s self-driving cars to offer driverless deliveries

  • Waymo and Uber Eats have collaborated to launch a driverless meal delivery service in select neighborhoods in Phoenix, including Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe.
  • Customers ordering from about five participating restaurants through the Uber Eats app may receive a notification that their order could be delivered by an autonomous vehicle.
  • Users will have the option to opt out, but those willing to try the new feature can unlock the vehicle’s trunk using their phones to retrieve their meal upon its arrival.
  • The autonomous vehicle delivery option will not incur extra charges for customers and may even be cheaper than traditional delivery, as there’s no tipping involved.
  • Waymo, Google’s sister company, has been operating autonomous passenger shuttles since 2017 in Phoenix and has expanded to other cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin. This partnership with Uber marks Waymo’s entry into the meal delivery sector.
  • Uber has been offering driverless deliveries through partnerships with other autonomous vehicle companies in various cities, including Mountain View, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Miami, Fairfax, Phoenix, and Tokyo.
  • While both companies aim to expand the service to additional cities, there’s no specific timeline for availability in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Offering autonomous vehicle delivery at no additional cost and potentially at a lower price point due to the absence of tips may attract more customers to try the service. Expansion plans indicate a growing interest in autonomous delivery services, although challenges such as regulatory approval and infrastructure development may influence the pace and scope of implementation in different regions.

4. Hyundai Motor-Toyota partnership looms after chiefs‘ meetup

  • Euisun Chung, executive chairman of Hyundai Motor Group, and Akio Toyoda, chairman of Toyota Motor Corp., recently met in Japan, sparking speculation about potential collaboration in future technologies like autonomous driving and hydrogen vehicles.
  • Industry sources suggest that Hyundai and Toyota may join forces to expand the hydrogen vehicle market, as both companies are considered leaders in this sector.
  • Despite significant investments in hydrogen vehicles, global sales saw a decline in 2023, raising concerns for the industry’s growth.
  • The presence of state-supported Chinese automakers in the hydrogen mobility market adds competition, potentially motivating Hyundai and Toyota to strengthen their collaboration.
  • Autonomous driving technology was likely a key topic during the meeting, as it poses technological challenges for traditional automakers despite their substantial investments.
  • The discussion might have centered on identifying directions and addressing challenges in the autonomous driving field for both Hyundai and Toyota.

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Collaboration between Hyundai and Toyota signals a strategic move towards addressing shared challenges and leveraging each other’s strengths in emerging technology sectors.

5. Inertial Labs and Sony’s Airpeak Forge Partnership to Integrate Advanced LiDAR Technology

  • Inertial Labs has partnered with Sony to integrate LiDAR technology into Sony’s Airpeak drone, aiming to improve its applications in surveying, mapping, and cinematic videography.
  • The collaboration involves incorporating advanced LiDAR systems developed by Inertial Labs into Sony’s flagship drone platform, enhancing its capabilities in producing detailed aerial maps and 3D models with high precision.
  • Kento Sayama, Deputy Vice President of Imaging Solutions at Sony Electronics, highlights the alignment between Sony’s vision for Airpeak and Inertial Labs’ expertise in LiDAR and sensor technology.
  • The partnership is expected to set new industry standards in drone technology and provide professionals in construction, agriculture, and filmmaking with advanced tools for their work.
  • Jamie Marraccini, CEO of Inertial Labs, expresses enthusiasm for the collaboration, seeing it as an opportunity to expand the possibilities of drone applications.
  • The integration of Inertial Labs’ LiDAR technology into Sony’s Airpeak drone is anticipated to offer professionals across various industries a more efficient workflow and enhanced data accuracy.

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The integration of LiDAR technology into the Airpeak drone signifies a significant advancement in its capabilities, particularly in terms of surveying, mapping, and videography applications. The enthusiasm expressed by both Sony and Inertial Labs underscores their commitment to advancing the drone industry and exploring new frontiers in technology applications.

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