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Chery, NVIDIA to develop next-gen intelligent driving platform based on NVIDIA DRIVE Thor
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Elon Musk visits China as Tesla seeks self-driving technology rollout
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Nullmax Showcases Comprehensive Autonomous Driving Solutions at Auto China 2024
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Auto China 2024: Marelli, Hesai show LiDAR-integrated headlamps
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Hyundai, Baidu form connected car alliance to ‘drive innovation’

1. Chery, NVIDIA to develop next-gen intelligent driving platform based on NVIDIA DRIVE Thor

  • Chery Automobile and NVIDIA have partnered to enhance collaboration in autonomous driving, focusing on high-end models.
  • They will upgrade cooperation around NVIDIA’s DRIVE Thor platform, starting with Chery’s EXEED STERRA ET model, based on the Orin platform.
  • The EXEED STERRA ET features LiDAR, two Orin chips, and NEP full-scenario intelligent driving assistance for urban and highway driving, with advanced parking assistance.
  • The upcoming NVIDIA DRIVE Thor chip, with Blackwell architecture, will offer intelligent cockpit functions and highly automated driving capabilities.
  • Chery’s “Yaoguang 2025” strategy involves investing over 100 billion yuan in R&D, with a significant allocation to intelligence and aims to establish over 300 Yaoguang laboratories globally.

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Initial development efforts target Chery’s high-end models, indicating a strategy to introduce cutting-edge technology in premium vehicle segments.

2. Elon Musk visits China as Tesla seeks self-driving technology rollout

  • Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, visited Beijing to discuss the rollout of Full Self-Driving (FSD) software and data transfer permissions.
  • During his trip, Musk met with Premier Li Qiang, who praised Tesla’s development in China as a successful example of US-China economic cooperation.
  • Musk shared a photo of his meeting with Premier Li on social media platform X, expressing his honor at meeting him.
  • Tesla established a plant in Shanghai in 2018, its first outside the US, following an agreement with Chinese authorities.
  • Although Tesla rolled out FSD four years ago, it has yet to make it available in China, its second-largest market, but Musk hinted at its imminent release.
  • Analysts view Musk’s visit as a significant moment for Tesla, especially concerning the potential availability of FSD in China.
  • Tesla stores all data collected by its Chinese fleet in Shanghai as Chinese regulators require but seeks approval to transfer it abroad to train autonomous driving algorithms.
  • Despite its large presence in China, Tesla faces declining sales and increased competition from Chinese EV brands.

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The need for permission to transfer data abroad highlights regulatory challenges faced by Tesla in China, crucial for developing its autonomous driving technology. Competition from Chinese automakers and the intensifying price war pose challenges for Tesla’s market position in China.

3. Nullmax Showcases Comprehensive Autonomous Driving Solutions at Auto China 2024

  • Nullmax is showcasing its full set of autonomous driving solutions, the MaxDrive series, at the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.
  • The MaxDrive series aims to accelerate global mass production of autonomous driving by offering leading intelligent driving experiences and cost efficiency for all vehicle classes.
  • At the exhibition, Nullmax introduced four types of ADAS/AD solutions designed to cater to diverse OEM needs for different vehicle classes, offering superior performance while requiring less computing power.
  • These solutions range from entry-level to advanced, utilizing processors from companies like TI and NVIDIA, and providing functions such as Intelligent Cruise Control, Navigate on Pilot, and Home-Zone Park Assist.
  • The MaxDrive series, with its platform-based approach, is tailored to meet stringent vehicle development requirements globally, achieving top-tier results in assessments like Euro NCAP and C-NCAP.
  • Nullmax has already secured mass-production contracts and delivered ADAS/AD solutions over the past two years, demonstrating the maturity and reliability of its autonomous driving technology.

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By introducing four types of ADAS/AD solutions tailored to different vehicle classes, Nullmax demonstrates its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry. The MaxDrive series’ ability to achieve top-tier results in global assessments such as Euro NCAP and C-NCAP underscores Nullmax’s commitment to meeting regulatory standards worldwide, facilitating the widespread adoption of autonomous driving technology.

4. Auto China 2024: Marelli, Hesai show LiDAR-integrated headlamps

  • Marelli and Hesai Group have announced a collaboration to integrate Marelli’s headlamp design with Hesai’s next-gen ATX LiDAR technology.
  • Marelli’s EVP and President China, David Fan, emphasizes their design-led innovation model and the importance of co-creating solutions with partners like Hesai.
  • The integration of Marelli and Hesai’s technology aims to offer enhanced safety, seamless integration, improved performance, affordability, and cost competitiveness.
  • Hesai’s ATX LiDAR is a compact, highly customizable long-range sensor designed for automotive applications, achieving a significant volume reduction of nearly 60% compared to the previous generation.
  • Marelli will showcase live demonstrations of the new headlamp concept with integrated Hesai LiDAR at Auto China 2024.

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The significant volume reduction in Hesai’s ATX LiDAR reflects ongoing efforts to optimize sensor size and form factor, facilitating easier integration into vehicles while maintaining performance standards.

5. Hyundai, Baidu form connected car alliance to ‘drive innovation’

  • Hyundai Motor Company and Kia have signed an MOU with Baidu to target the Chinese connected car market, focusing on vehicles with network connection functions.
  • The agreement aims to strengthen cooperative relationships, explore new businesses, and develop technologies in connectivity, autonomous driving, intelligent transportation systems, and cloud computing.
  • Compliance solutions for China’s data regulations will be developed using Baidu’s smart cloud, while leveraging AI for new business models.
  • The Chinese connected car market is projected to grow significantly, reaching 215.2 billion yuan and 17 million units sold in 2024, compared to 63.6 billion yuan and 7.2 million units in 2019.
  • Strengthening cooperation with Baidu aligns with Hyundai Motor Group’s SDx strategy, focusing on software-oriented vehicles and leveraging data for smarter decisions.
  • The partnership aims to create an ecosystem of connected cars in China, building on a decade-long collaboration that includes various connectivity systems integrated into vehicles sold in the country.

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The smaller size, improved performance, and energy efficiency of the ATX highlight its potential to enhance safety and intelligence in vehicles, aligning with industry trends towards autonomous driving and ADAS. The launch of the ATX represents a critical moment for Hesai, as it aims to capitalize on its technological advancements and market opportunities while navigating challenges in investor sentiment and market performance.

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