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Vueron Technology to participate in Asia’s largest ‘Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE 2023)’ representing Seoul

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Presenting Global Smart Pole Business, Domestic and International Airport Queue management and Crowd analysis, Major urban intersections and Highway ITS cases

Vueron Technology’s ITS and Smart Infrastructure Perception Solution, ‘VueTwo.
Courtesy of Vueron Technology 

Vueron Technology, a company specializing in LiDAR solution, announced on the 21st that it will participate in the “Smart City Summit & Expo 2023 (SCSE 2023)” as a representative startup of Seoul. Vueron will present its ITS and smart infrastructure solution “VueTwo” on the global stage as it is the largest smart city event in Asia, being held in Taiwan from the 28th of March.

Seoul Digital Foundation (President Yo Shik Kang) established a Seoul Pavilion at SCSE 2023 to promote smart city business solutions overseas and enhance the international recognition of Seoul. Vueron, along with two other companies, was selected as a representative participating for the expo.

SCSE 2023, held from March 28th to April 1st in Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is the largest G2G and G2B network expo encompassing various industries such as smart cities, ITS, sustainable buildings, smart healthcare, and startup communities. The event is expected to attract more than 150,000 visitors and over 600 exhibitors. Furthermore, more than 1,000 matchmaking sessions and over 60 forums will be held.

Based on its self-developed perception algorithms, Vueron provides ‘VueOne’, an automotive LiDAR solution and also ‘VueTwo’, smart infrastructure and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) LiDAR solution. At SCSE 2023, the company plans to demonstrate on-site people counting demos and introduce overseas smart pole business, queue management and crowd analysis at domestic and international airports, and ITS cases in major downtown areas and highways.

Furthermore, Vueron is also participating in the “World Security Expo (SECON 2023),” being held at KINTEX at the end of March. The advanced security solution of VueTwo will be showcasing various functions such as crowd analysis, expected queue time guidance, and also recognizing various obstacles without infringing personal information with LiDAR and cameras.

Joseph Kim, CEO of Vueron stated, “Utilizing our technology that has successfully proven the capability for autonomous driving with just one LiDAR sensor, we will overcome the limitations of existing security and control systems through integrating various cameras and speakers, in addition to VueTwo’s sole operation.” He added, “Through our participation in SCSE 2023 and SECON 2023, we will create an opportunity to become a company with core technologies that build a hyper-connected society of people and vehicles, people and cities, and cities and vehicles.”

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