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Self-driving Waymo car kills dog amid increasing concern over robotaxis
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TuSimple’s autonomous trucks commence testing on expressway in Japan
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1. Franklin Resources Inc. Purchases Significant Stake in Autonomous Vehicle Tech Company Mobileye Global Inc.

    • Franklin Resources Inc., a seasoned investment firm, has purchased a new position in Mobileye Global Inc. by acquiring 396,565 shares of the company’s stock, valued at approximately $13,904,000.
    • The investment indicates Franklin Resources Inc.’s confidence in Mobileye Global’s growth potential and market competitiveness in autonomous driving technology.
    • Mobileye Global is a leader in autonomous vehicle technology, offering cutting-edge solutions powered by advanced computer vision systems and artificial intelligence.
    • Mobileye’s partnerships with companies like Volkswagen and Intel position it to revolutionize transportation, freight logistics, construction equipment operations, and security surveillance systems.
    • Franklin Resources Inc.’s sizable stake in Mobileye, valued at approximately 0.76% of the company, reflects their positive view of Mobileye’s current status and future potential.

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The investment by a prominent investment firm like Franklin Resources Inc. may provide Mobileye with additional resources and expertise to support its future development and expansion. The attention from traditional finance circles towards innovative companies like Mobileye underscores the increasing importance of emerging technologies in investment strategies.

2. Self-driving Waymo car kills dog amid increasing concern over robotaxis

    • A Waymo self-driving robotaxi hit and killed a dog in San Francisco.
    • The incident occurred when the Waymo vehicle was in autonomous mode, with a safety driver present.
    • The dog was on a leash and in the crosswalk when it was struck by the vehicle.
    • Witnesses reported that the car did not slow down or stop before hitting the dog.
    • Waymo expressed sadness and stated that they were working with local authorities to investigate the incident.
    • This incident highlights the challenges and risks associated with self-driving technology in real-world scenarios.
    • Critics argue that self-driving vehicles still have limitations in recognizing and reacting to unpredictable situations, such as the sudden movements of animals or pedestrians.
    • The incident raises questions about the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles, particularly in complex urban environments.
    • Animal rights advocates emphasize the need for self-driving technology to prioritize the safety of all living beings, including animals.
    • It remains to be seen how this incident will impact the ongoing development and deployment of self-driving vehicles.

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The incident underscores self-driving technology’s potential shortcomings in detecting and reacting to unexpected events. The incident could lead to increased scrutiny and regulation of autonomous vehicles, potentially slowing down their widespread adoption. Manufacturers and developers of self-driving technology will likely need to continue refining and enhancing their systems to improve safety and minimize accidents.

3. Einride Electric Autonomous Truck Company To Partner With UAE

    • Swedish autonomous trucking company Einride has formed a partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to deploy its driverless vehicles.
    • The partnership aims to enhance the UAE’s logistics sector and promote the adoption of autonomous transportation solutions.
    • Einride’s electric and autonomous trucks, known as “Pods,” will be deployed in the UAE to transport goods on public roads.
    • The collaboration will include the testing and validation of Einride’s technology in the UAE’s unique environmental conditions.
    • The partnership aligns with the UAE’s vision to become a global hub for advanced technologies and autonomous mobility.
    • Einride’s Pod system enables remote operation of the vehicles, eliminating the need for an onboard driver.
    • The deployment of autonomous trucks can potentially improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety in the logistics industry.
    • The UAE government has been actively supporting the development and adoption of autonomous vehicles through various initiatives and regulations.

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The partnership highlights the global interest in autonomous transportation solutions and the willingness of countries like the UAE to embrace cutting-edge technologies. The collaboration between Einride and the UAE showcases the growing partnerships between tech companies and governments to advance autonomous vehicle deployment. Lessons learned from this partnership could shape future regulations, standards, and strategies for the integration of autonomous trucks in other regions around the world.

4. TuSimple’s autonomous trucks commence testing on expressway in Japan

    • Autonomous trucking company TuSimple has started testing its self-driving trucks on an expressway in Japan.
    • The tests are conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan.
    • TuSimple’s trucks will operate on a 50-kilometer stretch of the Shin-Tomei Expressway in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture.
    • The testing phase will assess the performance and capabilities of TuSimple’s autonomous technology in real-world conditions.
    • TuSimple’s trucks will be equipped with an advanced array of cameras and sensors to perceive the surrounding environment.
    • The collaboration with Japan demonstrates TuSimple’s expansion beyond its operations in the United States and China.
    • TuSimple plans to establish a development and testing center in Japan to further advance its autonomous trucking technology.

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The collaboration between TuSimple and the Japanese government signifies the global interest and investment in autonomous trucking technology and it may encourage other autonomous trucking companies to seek partnerships and opportunities in the region. Also, Japan’s involvement in autonomous vehicle testing reflects its commitment to innovation and technological advancement in the transportation sector.

5. Luminar and Plus Partner for LiDAR and AI-Based Assisted Driving Software for Trucking

    • Luminar, a leading LiDAR technology company, has partnered with autonomous trucking company Plus to develop assisted driving software for trucks.
    • The partnership aims to combine Luminar’s advanced LiDAR technology with Plus’s AI-based autonomous driving system for commercial trucks.
    • The collaboration will focus on integrating Luminar’s high-performance LiDAR sensors into Plus’s autonomous trucking platform.
    • The combined solution will enhance the perception capabilities of autonomous trucks, enabling safer and more reliable operations.
    • Luminar’s LiDAR technology provides precise and detailed 3D mapping of the truck’s surroundings, enabling accurate object detection and tracking.
    • Plus’s AI-based system will utilize the data from Luminar’s LiDAR sensors to make real-time driving decisions and navigate complex road scenarios.
    • The partnership aims to accelerate the deployment of autonomous trucks and improve the safety and efficiency of long-haul transportation.

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The collaboration between Luminar and Plus highlights the importance of sensor technology and AI-based systems in advancing autonomous trucking. The deployment of advanced LiDAR and AI-assisted driving software can potentially accelerate the adoption of autonomous trucks in the commercial sector. Partnerships like this contribute to the continuous development and refinement of autonomous trucking technology.

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