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Nissan adds intersection collision avoidance to its driver assistance system
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HL Klemove partners with Neubility to develop self-driving robot
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LG Electronics Takes the Lead in Traffic Safety Solutions with V2X Communications
Bosch puts focus on software business in automotive industry
Blickfeld Lidar sensors take centre stage at Rock am Ring music festival

1. Nissan adds intersection collision avoidance to its driver assistance system

    • Nissan has introduced an intersection collision avoidance feature to its driver assistance system.
    • The feature utilizes advanced technology to help prevent accidents at intersections.
    • It uses a combination of radar, camera, and sonar systems to detect potential collision risks.
    • The system provides alerts and can automatically apply brakes to avoid or mitigate collisions.
    • The intersection collision avoidance feature is part of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility initiative.
    • Nissan aims to enhance safety and reduce accidents through the implementation of advanced technologies.
    • The company plans to roll out the feature in its new models to make driving safer and more convenient.
    • The feature is an example of Nissan’s commitment to innovation and improving the overall driving experience.

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Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility initiative reflects the company’s dedication to leveraging technology for safer and more efficient transportation. The incorporation of this feature in new Nissan models highlights the brand’s commitment to equipping vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems. Nissan’s focus on innovation aligns with the industry-wide trend of integrating intelligent technologies into vehicles to improve overall driving experiences and safety standards.

2. HL Klemove partners with Neubility to develop self-driving robot

    • HL Klemove, a self-driving technology company in South Korea, has partnered with Neubility, an autonomous driving robot service platform.
    • The collaboration aims to enhance the performance of autonomous driving robots and explore new business opportunities for robot delivery services.
    • Neubility brings expertise in camera-based positioning, sensor fusion, and deep learning-based object recognition to contribute to the advancement of autonomous driving capabilities.
    • Neubility was previously part of HL Group’s startup nurturing program in 2019.
    • HL Klemove, known for providing comprehensive autonomous driving solutions for automobile manufacturers, will now focus on developing specialized autonomous driving solutions for robots.

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The partnership between HL Klemove and Neubility indicates a growing interest in autonomous driving technologies for robots and their potential applications in delivery services. The collaboration may lead to advancements in the performance and reliability of autonomous driving robots, enabling them to navigate complex environments and deliver goods more efficiently. The partnership highlights the significance of collaborations and cross-industry efforts to accelerate the development and adoption of autonomous driving technologies in various sectors beyond traditional transportation.

3. LG Electronics Takes the Lead in Traffic Safety Solutions with V2X Communications

    • LG Electronics is focusing on the development of traffic safety solutions using vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications.
    • In collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, LG has successfully implemented an accident prevention system using their 5G Network-based V2X system called ‘Soft V2X.’
    • Soft V2X collects and analyzes data related to the location, direction, and speed of pedestrians and vehicles to provide real-time notifications about potential traffic safety risks.
    • The system can also communicate information about road conditions and traffic signals by connecting with smart Roadside Units (RSU) equipped with AI cameras.
    • The Soft V2X app can be installed on smartphones and integrated into various connected mobility devices, promoting safer driving practices.
    • The system was demonstrated in school zones in Seoul, with over 6,700 participants receiving more than 40,000 notifications over a six-month period.
    • The project showed that Soft V2X effectively raised awareness of traffic safety and encouraged appropriate actions to avoid accidents.
    • LG plans to refine Soft V2X based on feedback and introduce an advanced version tailored to different market needs.
    • The company expects strong interest in Soft V2X given the growing focus on pedestrian safety and discussions about Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).
    • LG aims to establish technology leadership in cloud-based connected mobility platforms for vehicle and pedestrian safety through continuous research and development.

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LG’s focus on developing traffic safety solutions using V2X communications aligns with the increasing importance of connected and autonomous vehicles. The successful implementation of the accident prevention system in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government demonstrates LG’s commitment to real-world deployment and validation of their technologies. Soft V2X’s ability to provide real-time notifications to drivers and vulnerable road users has shown positive results in influencing behavior and promoting safer driving practices. LG’s future plans to refine and tailor Soft V2X based on specific market needs further demonstrate their commitment to improving traffic safety and expanding their presence in the connected mobility sector.

4. Bosch puts focus on software business in automotive industry

    • Bosch is partnering with various organizations to pilot an intelligent traffic system on Detroit’s Woodward Avenue.
    • The system will use video cameras equipped with on-board artificial intelligence for real-time monitoring and data collection.
    • Bosch’s cameras and software will provide pedestrian, bike, and vehicle detection, alerting authorized vehicles about other road users and prioritizing signal timing for large vehicles and emergency vehicles.
    • The project will cover approximately 44 intersections along the M1 corridor.
    • The $11.5 million project is supported by $5 million in federal funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation.
    • Bosch sees software-defined mobility and test cases as crucial in the urbanization of mobility.
    • The pilot program aims to improve safety and efficiency on the M1 corridor, with data collected by the cameras informing transportation planning and infrastructure development.
    • Bosch’s software business is a key part of its growth strategy, investing in connected and automated vehicles, smart cities, and the Internet of Things.
    • The M1 project is an example of Bosch leveraging its expertise to create innovative transportation solutions.
    • Bosch is involved in other initiatives, including a smart city project in Columbus and a connected vehicle corridor project in Michigan.
    • Bosch aims to create safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation systems through technology and expertise in software and services.

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Bosch’s investments in software and services highlight the company’s strategic direction towards innovative solutions for transportation and mobility. Collaborations with government entities and organizations demonstrate Bosch’s commitment to working together to address transportation challenges. Bosch’s involvement in multiple projects across different regions underscores the company’s global efforts to drive advancements in connected and automated vehicles, smart cities, and infrastructure development.

5. Blickfeld Lidar sensors take centre stage at Rock am Ring music festival

    • The LidarPredict project installed six Blickfeld Lidar sensors above the main stage of the Rock am Ring music festival to capture test recordings and analyze the movements and visitor flows.
    • The project aims to develop a Lidar-based solution to enhance the safety of festival attendees by predicting visitor flows and improving safety infrastructure.
    • The EvoCount software, provided by crowd analytics specialist EvoCount, was used to analyze the 3D data collected by the Lidar sensors.
    • The installation on the Utopia Stage marked the first live use of the EvoCount software, and the plan is to implement the solution across the entire festival grounds at Rock am Ring 2024.
    • The analysis focuses on detecting situations of overcrowding based on the number of people per square meter in an area, triggering an alarm for organizers to implement necessary measures.
    • The use of Blickfeld Lidar sensors and EvoCount analysis tools provides an efficient way to collect accurate data and understand crowd behavior for effective visitor management.
    • The project aims to make the festival experience safer and more enjoyable for fans by preventing overcrowding and implementing intelligent visitor control measures.
    • Blickfeld’s Lidar sensors provide the required performance for large festivals, ensuring anonymity while detecting the number of people in different areas.
    • The collaboration between Blickfeld and EvoCount enables the understanding of crowd dynamics, prediction of dangerous situations, and timely implementation of visitor control measures.

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The LidarPredict project demonstrates the application of Lidar technology and crowd analytics software in enhancing safety and improving visitor management at large events. By analyzing visitor flows and detecting overcrowding situations, organizers can take proactive measures to ensure a safer experience for attendees. The project showcases the potential for technology to play a crucial role in managing and optimizing large-scale events, leading to improved safety and overall experience for attendees.

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