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Cepton Advances Lidar Solutions Enabling Automatic Emergency Braking
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Kakao Mobility to develop EV, self-driving tech with Vietnam’s Vingroup
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Chinese self-driving truck startup Qingtian Truck to shut down

1. Cepton Advances Lidar Solutions Enabling Automatic Emergency Braking

    • Cepton’s lidar technology uses laser beams to create detailed 3D maps of the surroundings, allowing vehicles to detect and avoid obstacles in real-time.
    • The company has developed an AEB solution that combines its advanced lidar sensors with artificial intelligence algorithms to enable rapid and accurate object detection.
    • Cepton’s AEB technology has been integrated into a leading automotive manufacturer’s production vehicle platform, providing enhanced safety features.
    • The system is designed to detect pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles, triggering automatic emergency braking when a potential collision is detected.
    • By incorporating Cepton’s lidar technology, vehicles can achieve higher levels of autonomy and improve safety in various driving scenarios.

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The integration of Cepton’s lidar sensors with AEB technology demonstrates the increasing importance of lidar in improving vehicle safety. The adoption of Cepton’s AEB solution by a leading automotive manufacturer indicates the growing demand for advanced safety features in the automotive industry.

2. Zoox begins testing robotaxis on public roads in Las Vegas

    • Zoox has received a permit from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to operate its autonomous vehicles on public roads.
    • The company’s robotaxis are fully electric and designed for shared mobility, offering seating for up to four passengers.
    • Zoox’s vehicles are equipped with an array of sensors, including lidar, radar, and cameras, to navigate and detect their surroundings.
    • The testing in Las Vegas will focus on various scenarios, including day and night driving, complex intersections, and pedestrian interactions.
    • Zoox aims to collect data and refine its autonomous driving system to enhance safety and performance.

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By obtaining the permit from the Nevada DMV, Zoox joins other companies in testing their self-driving vehicles in real-world conditions. The focus on testing various scenarios, including challenging situations like complex intersections, highlights Zoox’s commitment to safety and robustness.

3., Jinjiang Taxi reach deal on robotaxi services

    • and Jinjiang Taxi have partnered to launch driverless robotaxi services in Jiading District, China.
    • The services are available to the public on open testing roads in the district.
    • provides autonomous driving technology solutions, while Jinjiang Taxi handles daily operations and fleet management.
    • Over 220 stations for autonomous vehicles have been established within the robotaxi service zone, covering major venues in the district.
    • has previously launched similar robotaxi services in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, benefiting over 60,000 consumers with 1 million orders.

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The partnership between and Jinjiang Taxi demonstrates the increasing interest and investment in autonomous driving technology in China. The collaboration between a technology company like and a traditional taxi service provider like Jinjiang Taxi highlights the integration of autonomous driving technology into existing transportation systems.

4. Kakao Mobility to develop EV, self-driving tech with Vietnam’s Vingroup

    • Kakao Mobility, a South Korean company, has partnered with Vietnam’s Vingroup JSC and Southeast Asia’s FPT for collaboration in electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving technology.
    • Kakao Mobility will contribute high-precision maps for self-driving services, while Vingroup will assist in the production of eco-friendly EVs and charging station infrastructure.
    • Kakao Mobility also discussed technology exchange, personnel cooperation, and startup investment with FPT, a major ICT company in Southeast Asia.
    • The collaboration aims to establish long-term cooperation systems, including industrial-academia links with universities in Vietnam.
    • Kakao Mobility sees the partnership with Vingroup and FPT as significant for representing Korean ICT companies and discussing cooperation plans.

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The collaboration between Kakao Mobility, Vingroup, and FPT highlights the growing interest in electric vehicles and self-driving technology in the Asian market. Vietnam, with its emerging market and rapid economic growth, presents opportunities for partnerships and investments in the mobility sector. The discussions regarding technology exchange, personnel cooperation, and startup investment indicate a broader aim to foster innovation and technological advancements in the transportation and ICT sectors.

5. Chinese self-driving truck startup Qingtian Truck to shut down

    • Chinese autonomous truck startup Qingtian Truck, founded by former engineers from, is shutting down.
    • The company informed employees about the orderly liquidation of its assets and employees are not required to report to the office.
    • Co-founder Sun Youhan, previously a tech lead at, departed in May, which may have contributed to the decision to shut down.
    • Qingtian Truck was founded in November 2021 and received angel funding from 5Y Capital last year.
    • previously filed a lawsuit against Qingtian Truck for alleged intellectual property infringement, but the companies recently announced a settlement.

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The shutdown of Qingtian Truck reflects the challenges and competitive landscape in the autonomous trucking industry in China. The closure of Qingtian Truck may lead to the redistribution of talent and resources within the autonomous trucking sector, as employees seek new opportunities and investors evaluate alternative projects.

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