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Loxo to add Innoviz Technologies’ lidar tech to delivery vehicles
RoboSense leads establishment of China’s first automotive MEMS standardization working group
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Driverless Trucking Firm Eyeing US Exit
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BaseTracK Introduces First Autonomous Truck in the UAE
AEye Unveils 4Sight+

1. Loxo to add Innoviz Technologies’ lidar tech to delivery vehicles

    • Loxo, a leading last-mile delivery company, has announced a partnership with Innoviz Technologies to incorporate LiDAR technology into its delivery vehicles.
    • Innoviz Technologies is a provider of high-performance LiDAR sensors and perception software for autonomous vehicles.
    • The collaboration aims to enhance Loxo’s delivery operations by improving vehicle safety, efficiency, and navigation capabilities.
    • LiDAR technology uses laser sensors to create detailed 3D maps of the surrounding environment, enabling precise object detection and distance measurement.
    • By integrating LiDAR into its delivery vehicles, Loxo expects to optimize route planning, reduce the risk of accidents, and enhance overall operational effectiveness.
    • The deployment of LiDAR technology will enable Loxo’s vehicles to accurately identify and avoid obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles, even in challenging weather conditions.
    • The partnership demonstrates Loxo’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide better and safer delivery services.
    • Loxo plans to roll out the LiDAR-equipped vehicles gradually, starting with select markets and expanding the deployment as the technology proves its effectiveness.

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The partnership between Loxo and Innoviz Technologies highlights the increasing adoption of LiDAR technology in the delivery industry. By leveraging LiDAR, Loxo aims to enhance its delivery operations by reducing accidents, optimizing routes, and improving overall operational effectiveness. The collaboration reflects the growing interest in autonomous driving technologies in the logistics sector, as companies seek innovative solutions to streamline and improve delivery services.

2. RoboSense leads establishment of China’s first automotive MEMS standardization working group

    • RoboSense, a Chinese LiDAR solution provider, has established China’s first automotive MEMS standardization working group.
    • Dr. Mark Qiu, the CEO of RoboSense, highlighted the growth potential of MEMS sensors in the automotive field and the importance of collaboration among industry players.
    • The working group aims to promote coordinated development, establish Chinese standards, and enhance China’s competitiveness in the automotive MEMS sector.
    • Experts from automotive companies such as BYD, Great Wall Motor, GAC Group,, SAIC Motor, and FAW Group, along with leaders from MEMS industry partner companies, attended the conference.
    • RoboSense plans to actively participate in standardization work, developing a multi-level standard system for LiDAR products and core components.

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The establishment of the automotive MEMS standardization working group by RoboSense indicates the growing importance of MEMS sensors in the automotive industry. MEMS sensors play a crucial role in enabling safer and smarter driving experiences, aligning with the global trend of automotive intelligence. The involvement of renowned automotive companies and industry partners in the working group signifies the industry’s recognition and commitment to standardization efforts.

3. Driverless Trucking Firm Eyeing US Exit

    • TuSimple, an autonomous trucking technology provider, is exploring strategic alternatives for its U.S. operation, including a potential sale.
    • The company had previously considered selling its Asia-Pacific business but reversed that decision.
    • If the U.S. business is offloaded, TuSimple plans to focus on the Asia-Pacific region and other major global markets.
    • The company successfully completed fully driverless tests on public roads in the U.S., China, and Japan.
    • Exiting the U.S. market may require TuSimple to abandon projects, such as commercializing its technology in the “Texas triangle.”

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TuSimple’s exploration of strategic alternatives for its U.S. operation suggests the company’s challenges in the U.S. market, including financial difficulties and regulatory scrutiny. The potential sale or exit from the U.S. market may allow TuSimple to refocus its efforts on the Asia-Pacific region, where it may see better growth opportunities.

4. BaseTracK Introduces First Autonomous Truck in the UAE

    • BaseTracK, a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology, has launched its first Autonomous Truck in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Allied Transport Company.
    • The entry of BaseTracK into the UAE aligns with the country’s vision for a greener and more sustainable future, as outlined in the Green Economy for Sustainable Development Initiative.
    • BaseTracK plans to collaborate with RAKEZ (Ras Al-Khaimah Economic Zone) to position Ras Al-Khaimah as a leading hub for sustainable future trucking.
    • The introduction of BaseTracK’s autonomous truck addresses the issue of driver shortage faced by transport companies.
    • BaseTracK’s technology enables fuel savings even in human-driven trucks, with proven results of reducing fuel consumption by 10-20%.
    • The company envisions a future with Hub2Hub trucking, where autonomous trucks navigate intercity highways to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability efforts.
    • BaseTracK aims to work closely with authorities and stakeholders to develop necessary regulations for the future of autonomous transportation.
    • The company has raised $3.25 million in external funding, with notable investors such as AngelsDeck Global Ventures.

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The deployment of autonomous trucks by BaseTracK in the UAE showcases the country’s commitment to sustainability and advancing technological solutions. BaseTracK’s collaboration with RAKEZ and external funding from investors like AngelsDeck Global Ventures indicates growing interest and support for autonomous vehicle technology in the UAE.

5. AEye Unveils 4Sight+

    • 4Sight+ is designed to improve path planning, obstacle avoidance, and prediction capabilities in autonomous driving systems.
    • The technology utilizes agile LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors combined with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enhance perception and data collection in real-time.
    • It enables autonomous vehicles to detect and track objects at a higher resolution and longer range, allowing for better situational awareness.
    • The system’s AI algorithms enable it to classify and predict the behavior of objects, enhancing safety and decision-making capabilities for autonomous vehicles.
    • The increased spatial resolution and range provided by 4Sight+ can contribute to safer navigation and better response to dynamic driving conditions.
    • AEye plans to integrate 4Sight+ into their iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) platform, which combines LiDAR, camera, and embedded AI technologies for perception and sensing.
    • The technology has potential applications beyond autonomous vehicles, including robotics, industrial automation, and other advanced perception systems.
    • The release of 4Sight+ is part of AEye’s commitment to advancing perception capabilities and addressing the limitations of traditional LiDAR technologies.

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AEye’s 4Sight+ technology represents an advancement in autonomous vehicle perception capabilities, particularly in terms of spatial resolution and range. The broader applications of 4Sight+ beyond autonomous vehicles indicate its potential in various industries that rely on advanced perception and sensing capabilities.

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