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Vueron Technology
“Seoul City partners with Vueron Technology to introduce LiDAR-based Crowd Analysis Solution”
LiDAR, Autonomous Driving
Volkswagen, Innoviz
Volkswagen Solidifies Partnership With Innoviz LiDAR For Autonomy
Autonomous Driving
HCLTech acquires German autonomous driving tech firm for $279 million
Autonomous Driving bags first driverless road test permit in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area
Autonomous Driving
iNavi, DMP
iNavi Systems Partners with Global High-Precision Mapping Company to Enter Autonomous Driving Market

1. “Seoul City partners with Vueron Technology to introduce LiDAR-based Crowd Analysis Solution”

    • Vueron Technology has successfully completed on-site crowd analysis in collaboration with the Jongno-gu office in South Korea.
    • Their “Smart Crowd Analytics” (SCA) solution utilizes LiDAR technology for accurate crowd analysis.
    • The Ministry of Public Administration and Security has prioritized the construction of on-site crowd management systems.
    • Vueron’s SCA was selected by Jongno-gu for scientific and efficient crowd management.
    • The proof of concept was conducted using SCA and two LiDAR sensors, demonstrating high accuracy in object detection.
    • Vueron conducted a one-month on-site test in Ikseon-dong, showcasing congestion-based alarms and nighttime object detection.
    • Discussions are ongoing with other Seoul municipalities for the establishment of advanced crowd analysis systems.
    • Vueron’s CEO highlighted the cost-effectiveness of their LiDAR-based solution, with a low per capita service cost.
    • The company is considering implementing the solution for visitor tracking in urban areas and places with high visitor density.

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Vueron’s SCA solution, utilizing LiDAR technology, offers accurate crowd analysis that can enhance crowd management and safety in urban areas. The company’s plans for expansion and involvement in various projects indicate a focus on advancing object detection technology and contributing to the development of smart cities.

2. Volkswagen Solidifies Partnership With Innoviz LiDAR For Autonomy

    • Innoviz has become a Tier 1 LiDAR supplier for Volkswagen, which is a significant milestone for the company.
    • Direct relationships between semiconductor and optics companies like Innoviz and OEMs like Volkswagen create transparency and efficiency in the supply chain.
    • The initial design win is with the Audi brand, providing an opportunity for expansion into other Volkswagen brands.
    • Being recognized as a Tier 1 supplier by Volkswagen enhances Innoviz’s credibility with other OEMs.
    • Volkswagen emphasizes the importance of collaboration and transparency in selecting LiDAR suppliers, considering technical performance, pricing, project management capabilities, and future electronic platform requirements.
    • Innoviz had to undergo intensive audits in manufacturing, costs, quality, and production strategy to become a Tier 1 supplier to Audi.
    • The partnership allows Innoviz to leverage an automotive-certified contract manufacturer and gain faster access to automotive markets.
    • Innoviz’s position as a Tier 1 supplier positions them as a prime choice for LiDAR in supporting L3 and L4 autonomy for Volkswagen models.

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The developments indicate significant traction for Innoviz’s LiDAR and its position as a Tier 1 automotive supplier, although progress has been slower than expected. Patience, funding, and design wins are crucial for success in the autonomy business. Innoviz is well positioned for growth.

3. HCLTech acquires German autonomous driving tech firm for $279 million

    • HCLTech, India’s third-largest IT services firm, has acquired German automotive engineering services provider ASAP Group for €251.1 million ($279.72 million) in an all-cash deal.
    • The acquisition aims to strengthen HCLTech’s portfolio in areas like autonomous driving, e-mobility, and connectivity, as well as expand its presence in key automotive markets in Europe, the Americas, and Japan.
    • ASAP Group, founded in 2010 and based in Ingolstadt, Germany, specializes in future-oriented automotive technologies and serves top automotive OEMs and tier-1 suppliers.
    • The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to be completed by September 2023.
    • HCLTech’s focus on core engineering and the alignment of ASAP Group’s capabilities with their vision for the future of mobility were key factors in the acquisition.
    • HCLTech’s investment in ASAP Group demonstrates its commitment to the German market and its intention to nurture local talent and innovation.
    • ASAP Group’s CEO expressed confidence in the combination of HCLTech and ASAP’s engineering and technology performance, expecting it to bring advantages to the global automotive industry.
    • HCLTech recently reported its earnings for the first quarter of fiscal 2024, with a year-on-year net profit growth of 7.6% but a sequential decline of 11.2% and a slower order book of $1.56 billion for the quarter.

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HCLTech’s acquisition of ASAP Group signifies its strategic move to expand its presence in the automotive engineering services sector, particularly in key markets across Europe, the Americas, and Japan. The acquisition aligns with HCLTech’s focus on core engineering and its aim to strengthen its portfolio in emerging automotive technologies like autonomous driving and e-mobility.

4. bags first driverless road test permit in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area

    • has obtained one of the first batch of road test permits for autonomous vehicles without drivers onboard in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area.
    • This adds to’s previous permits for fully driverless passenger-carrying in Beijing and Guangzhou, and unmanned autonomous driving testing in Shenzhen.
    • The permit allows to conduct open road tests for self-driving autonomous vehicles in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area.
    • has achieved several milestones this year, including “full vehicle driverless” demonstration permits in Beijing, a remote-monitored passenger-carrying pilot permit in Guangzhou, and an unmanned testing permit in Shenzhen.
    • Obtaining the driverless road test permit in Shanghai indicates that has begun driverless testing in the core urban areas of major first-tier cities in China.

Go to the article’s acquisition of the driverless road test permit in Shanghai is a significant achievement in their autonomous driving journey, as it allows them to expand their testing capabilities to another major city in China. The company’s success in obtaining permits in multiple cities demonstrates its progress and recognition in the field of autonomous driving technology.

5. iNavi Systems Partners with Global High-Precision Mapping Company to Enter Autonomous Driving Market

    • Thinkware’s subsidiary, Inavi Systems, has partnered with Dynamic Map Platform (DMP) Group to jointly develop autonomous HD mapping business and technology.
    • The partnership aims to provide autonomous driving and mobility solutions through the integration of high-definition (HD) and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) maps.
    • The integrated maps will offer precise driving services with 15cm accuracy in areas where HD maps are available, utilizing Inavi Systems’ Standard Definition (SD) ADAS maps in other areas.
    • The collaboration will supply automakers and mobility solution companies with upgraded platform services and contribute to the development of digital twin modeling technology for smart cities.
    • The partnership recognizes the importance of high-accuracy HD maps for reliable and safe autonomous driving, especially as the level of autonomy advances.
    • Inavi Systems has been selected for government-organized autonomous driving technology innovation projects and aims to commercialize Level 4 autonomous driving technology by 2025.
    • DMP Group is a provider of HD maps and software for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles, with a presence in Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.
    • DMP’s HD maps have been recognized for supporting stable autonomous driving, and the company has customers that include global automakers and IT companies.

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The partnership between Inavi Systems and DMP Group highlights the collaboration between different companies in the autonomous driving ecosystem to advance technology and services. DMP’s experience in providing HD maps and servicing global automakers and IT companies adds credibility and expertise to the partnership, enhancing the potential for successful implementation of autonomous HD mapping solutions.

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