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“Seoul City partners with Vueron Technology to introduce LiDAR-based Crowd Analysis Solution”

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The “Smart Crowd Analytics” (SCA), provided by Vueron,
is a cutting-edge LiDAR-based crowd analysis solution.

Vueron Technology, a leading LiDAR perception solution provider, announced on July 11 that it had successfully completed on-site crowd analysis at the testbed in Ikseon-dong, Jongno-gu, in collaboration with the Jongno-gu office. The “Smart Crowd Analytics” (SCA), provided by Vueron, is a cutting-edge LiDAR-based crowd analysis solution.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security of Korea has designated the “Construction of on-site crowd management system” as one of the top priorities in the comprehensive plan for a thorough overhaul of the national safety system following the Itaewon tragedy. In line with this approach, Jongno-gu has selected Vueron’s SCA as the management solution to achieve scientific and efficient management of on-site crowds.

Demonstration of Vueron’s LiDAR-based crowd analysis solution in Jongno-gu, Seoul
Courtesy of Vueron Technology

A notable aspect of this proof of concept conducted in Ikseon-dong, Jongno-gu, is that the entire project was carried out only using SCA and two LiDAR sensors. SCA stands out for its exceptional accuracy in object detection compared to other existing solutions, demonstrating the capability to detect more than six people within a one-square-meter area.

Based on its excellent performance, Vueron conducted a one-month on-site proof of concept in a bustling alley of Ikseon-dong, which has a daily traffic volume of over 12,000 people. The successful validation of advanced functionalities, including congestion-based alarms and nighttime object detection, demonstrated the efficacy of the solution.

To accelerate commercialization efforts, Vueron is engaging in discussions with other Seoul municipalities, such as Songpa-gu, Seodaemun-gu, and Gangdong-gu, to establish advanced crowd analysis systems. These efforts aim to enhance crowd management and safety in urban areas, significantly enhancing the safety and convenience of local communities.

Vueron’s CEO, Kim Jae-kwang, emphasized the cost-effectiveness of their LiDAR-based crowd management solution. Taking the average number of pedestrians in Ikseon-dong into consideration, the per capita service cost of Vueron’s LiDAR-based crowd management solution is merely 3 to 4 Korean won(KRW), including operating and maintenance expenses.

Considering that major disasters can result in damages ranging from a minimum of 20 million won to as much as 400 million won per individual, it is undoubtedly cost-effective in preventing incidents and enhancing public safety.

He further explained that the remarkable cost-efficiency is possible due to the exceptionally high object detection rate of SCA. Ongoing discussions are being held regarding the implementation of the solution for visitor tracking purposes, not only in congested urban areas but also in places with high visitor density such as museums, art galleries, and shopping malls. Additionally, he mentioned that multiple pilot projects focusing on queue management are being conducted at both domestic and international airports.

In the future, Vueron plans to expand its involvement in various domestic and international projects related to object detection, further contributing to the enhancement of safety and convenience while establishing the foundation for smart cities.

Founded in 2019, Vueron secured seed investments from prominent entities like “Naver D2SF” and “Bon Angels” during its early stages and successfully secured pre-Series A investment of 10 billion Korean won from institutions such as KDB Industrial Bank.

In addition to its presence in Korea, Vueron is actively expanding its business globally in key locations like Silicon Valley, USA, and Munich, Germany. The company offers cutting-edge solution VueOne, an autonomous driving LiDAR perception solution, as well as VueTwo, an intelligent transport system (ITS) and smart infrastructure LiDAR solution.

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