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Waymo robotaxis can hit California highways after state approval
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Lotte, Neubility to develop autonomous security robots
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Hyundai Mobis applies for 2,500 patents in 2023
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For safer roads: Bosch teams up with Microsoft to explore new frontiers with generative AI
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1. Waymo robotaxis can hit California highways after state approval

    • California regulators have granted Waymo permission to expand its robotaxi service to include highways in Bay Area cities and large parts of Los Angeles.
    • The expansion permits Waymo to deploy its robotaxis on local roads and freeways at speeds up to 65 mph.
    • Waymo plans to take a careful and incremental approach to expansion and has no immediate plans to expand its robotaxi service to highways.
    • Despite opposition from local officials, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has allowed Waymo to expand immediately, stating that the company has complied with requirements.
    • Waymo’s expansion received support from various groups in California, such as the California Chamber of Commerce and the California Bicycle Coalition.
    • Concerns about the impact of driverless cars persist, particularly regarding safety, following incidents involving Waymo vehicles in February.
    • Waymo expressed gratitude to the CPUC and its riders and community partners for their support.

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This approval suggests that authorities are increasingly open to integrating autonomous vehicles into public transportation systems. The company’s focus on bringing the benefits of fully autonomous ride-hailing to more people indicates a long-term vision for transforming transportation through innovative technology.

2. Lotte, Neubility to develop autonomous security robots

    • Lotte Data Communication Co. of South Korea signed an MOU with domestic autonomous robot service company Neubility on Feb. 28.
    • The collaboration aims to develop autonomous driving security and safety robots.
    • These robots will be equipped with sensors and IoT technology and will operate at low speeds in areas such as factories and building exteriors.
    • Their purpose is to detect security breaches and safety hazards to prevent accidents.
    • Lotte Data Communication will provide data on physical security implementations and IoT-based safety devices.
    • Neubility will focus on autonomous mobility and robot operation.
    • The two companies plan to develop hardware, integrate systems, conduct field testing, and engage in joint marketing in the future.

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Lotte Data Communication’s contribution of data on physical security implementations and IoT-based safety devices is crucial for the development of effective autonomous driving security and safety robots. This collaboration highlights the importance of data sharing and integration in driving innovation in the robotics industry.

3. Hyundai Mobis applies for 2,500 patents in 2023

    • Hyundai Mobis, an auto parts manufacturer under Hyundai Motor Group, applied for 2,500 patents in and out of South Korea last year.
    • Nearly half of these patents, around 1,200, were related to future mobility sectors such as automation, autonomous driving, and in-vehicle infotainment systems.
    • The company aims to secure a competitive advantage through the preoccupation of future mobility technologies.
    • Hyundai Mobis has organized a dedicated team focused on developing patentable new technology and supports various aspects of the patent process.
    • The company incentivizes employees to invent patentable innovations by offering rewards and recently held in-house patent awards, distributing a total of 100 million won ($75,000) in prizes.
    • Support for patent-earning activities extends to employees in overseas laboratories, with initiatives such as providing access to patent journals and holding seminars on future technology trends.
    • The company emphasizes that applying for a patent is just the beginning, with continuous efforts resulting in an increasing number of patent registrations. In 2023, Hyundai Mobis accumulated 9,200 registrations, up 1,700 from the previous year.

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By securing patents in crucial areas such as automation and autonomous driving, the company aims to establish a strong competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving automotive industry. In-house patent awards and monetary rewards not only recognize individual and team efforts but also motivate employees to contribute actively to technological advancements.

4. For safer roads: Bosch teams up with Microsoft to explore new frontiers with generative AI

    • Bosch and Microsoft are exploring collaborations to integrate generative AI into automated driving systems for safer roads.
    • Current AI systems for automated driving have limitations in assessing complex situations.
    • Generative AI could overcome these limitations by analyzing vast amounts of data for better decision-making.
    • Bosch and Microsoft already have a partnership in developing software for connecting cars and the cloud.
    • Generative AI is seen as a transformative technology, with 64% of respondents in the 2024 Bosch Tech Compass considering it the most significant for the future.
    • Bosch is using generative AI in various applications such as speech recognition for breakdown service calls and manufacturing optimization.
    • Bosch is investing in training programs to educate associates about AI, including generative AI, with over 28,000 associates already participating.
    • Ethical guidelines like the Bosch AI code of ethics are being established to govern the ethical use of AI technology.

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The collaboration between Bosch and Microsoft signifies the growing importance of AI in enhancing automotive safety. Generative AI holds promise in overcoming the limitations of current AI systems, potentially making significant advancements in automated driving.

5. Kodiak Transports Refrigerated Freight for Martin-Brower

    • Kodiak Robotics operates autonomous semis for Martin-Brower Co. on routes between Dallas and Oklahoma City.
    • The semis deliver refrigerated freight for quick-service restaurants eight times per week on one of Kodiak’s key routes.
    • Kodiak has completed over 600 autonomous deliveries for Martin-Brower since they began working together in July 2022.
    • The companies are looking to expand their operations on the Martin-Brower network.
    • Kodiak operates a “shuttle lane” where autonomous trucks shuttle full trailers between major hubs, and local drivers handle distribution to restaurants.
    • Some major fast-food chains are among their customers, although specific names are not disclosed.
    • Kodiak plans to introduce its first driverless operations along its Dallas-Houston route later this year.
    • The primary focus for Kodiak in 2024 is the Dallas-Houston and Dallas-Atlanta routes.
    • Martin-Brower ranks No. 8 on the Transport Topics list of top food service carriers.

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The partnership between Kodiak Robotics and Martin-Brower demonstrates the increasing adoption of autonomous technology in the logistics industry. Utilizing autonomous trucks for longhaul driving while retaining local drivers for last-mile deliveries combines efficiency with personal customer service.

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