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Autonomous Driving, GemVaxLink establishes joint venture with Korean company
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Aeva Selects Fabrinet to Manufacture World’s First 4D LiDAR Chip Module
Autonomous Driving
Isuzu, TIER IV
Isuzu and TIER IV Form Capital and Business Alliance
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Floatic To Unveil its Autonomous Mobile Robotic Solution ‘Floware’ at MODEX 2024
Autonomous Driving
Waymo Announces Autonomous Vehicle Launch in Austin, Texas

1. establishes joint venture with Korean company

  • and South Korean tech company GemVaxLink announced the establishment of a joint venture.
  • The joint venture aims to focus on research and development of autonomous driving technologies and applications.
  • Initially, a fleet of self-driving cars will be deployed in Seoul, with further exploration of application scenarios in Korea.
  • The joint venture plans to launch Toyota-branded electric vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems.
  • Currently, around 200 Robotaxis based on Lexus RX450h and Toyota Sienna models are providing self-driving mobility services in several Chinese cities.
  • Establishing a joint venture in Korea strengthens’s presence in the East Asian market.
  • The development of China’s automotive industry, particularly in electrification and intelligence, supports the expansion of China’s intelligent automotive industry abroad.

Go to the article’s collaboration with GemVaxLink and Toyota underscores its strategic moves to expand its reach in autonomous driving technologies globally, particularly in East Asia. By establishing joint ventures and strategic partnerships, leverages local expertise and resources to navigate foreign markets effectively.

2. Aeva Selects Fabrinet to Manufacture World’s First 4D LiDAR Chip Module

  • Aeva, a leader in sensing and perception systems, has selected Fabrinet to produce its 4D LiDAR chip module.
  • The module integrates laser transmitters, optics, and receivers onto a single silicon photonics chip for automotive and industrial applications.
  • Fabrinet was chosen for its expertise in silicon photonics integrated devices and precision optical systems.
  • Aeva is establishing a production line at Fabrinet’s facility in Thailand and forming a local team to support manufacturing activities.
  • The production line will manufacture Aeva’s third-generation 4D LiDAR chip modules and scale for mass production, with automotive qualification (IATF 16949 certification).
  • Fabrinet’s CEO expressed excitement about partnering with Aeva to enable mass production of their LiDAR chip module.
  • Aeva’s Vice President of Global Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Strategy highlighted the partnership’s role in accelerating production capabilities and delivering LiDAR modules at mass scale.
  • The collaboration aims to fulfill Aeva’s mission of bringing perception to various devices beyond automotive applications.

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Leveraging Fabrinet’s manufacturing expertise allows Aeva to scale production efficiently and accelerate its timeline for bringing LiDAR modules to market. The establishment of a local team in Thailand underscores Aeva’s dedication to ensuring smooth manufacturing operations and quality control.

3. Isuzu and TIER IV Form Capital and Business Alliance

  • Isuzu Motors Limited and TIER IV, Inc. have agreed to form a capital and business alliance to develop autonomous driving systems for route buses.
  • Isuzu will invest six billion yen (approximately 40 million US dollars) in TIER IV to speed up developing and deploying autonomous driving systems for route buses, aiming to achieve Level 4 autonomy.
  • The alliance aims to develop vehicles and systems compatible with Level 4 autonomous driving, leveraging TIER IV’s advanced technologies and Isuzu’s expertise in route buses.
  • TIER IV, known for developing the world’s first open-source software for autonomous driving called “Autoware,” has been involved in proof-of-concept tests worldwide and selected by NEDO for an automated driving R&D project.
  • Isuzu Group announced a one trillion yen investment by 2030 towards carbon neutrality initiatives and advanced DX (Digital Transformation) for logistics, recognizing the importance of autonomous driving technology in addressing societal challenges and driving future business.
  • The partnership between Isuzu and TIER IV aims to lead innovation in the autonomous driving segment, bringing benefits to society

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The alliance between Isuzu and TIER IV underscores the increasing importance of autonomous driving technology, particularly in the public transportation sector. Isuzu’s focus on carbon neutrality initiatives and DX for logistics aligns with broader industry trends toward sustainability and digital transformation.

4. Floatic To Unveil its Autonomous Mobile Robotic Solution ‘Floware’ at MODEX 2024

  • Floatic, a South Korean robotics solution provider, will showcase its autonomous mobile robotic solution at MODEX 2024.
  • MODEX 2024 will be held from March 11-14 at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA, and is expected to host over 1,150 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees.
  • Floatic’s booth (#C3696) will demonstrate its AMR solution ‘Floware’ aimed at optimizing efficiency in warehouse centers, particularly in the picking process.
  • Floware is designed to streamline the picking process, which is largely manual in e-commerce warehouse centers, and can be deployed within six weeks with minimal equipment and investment costs, and enhances productivity by up to 3.5 times compared to manual labor.
  • CEO Chan Lee stated that Floatic has been focusing on developing robot solutions for the logistics industry and anticipates demonstrating competitiveness in global markets, including the United States.
  • Floware consists of ‘Floatic Engine,’ the core system for planning and managing orders, and ‘Flody,’ the autonomous mobile robot for executing picking tasks.
  • Floware’s software algorithms are modularized to suit various warehouse requirements, allowing for flexible adaptation.
  • At MODEX, Floatic plans to conduct robot demonstrations replicating real-world warehouse settings, showcasing multiple Flodys working through the Fleet Management System.
  • Visitors can directly interact with Flodys and experience features like the ‘Picking guide.’
  • CEO Chan Lee emphasized identifying potential clients and meeting local partners and distributors for long-term collaboration in the North American region.

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Demonstrations at MODEX provide an opportunity for potential clients to witness the effectiveness and usability of Floatic’s solutions firsthand. CEO Chan Lee’s emphasis on long-term collaboration with local partners and distributors highlights Floatic’s strategic approach to market expansion and customer acquisition.

5. Waymo Announces Autonomous Vehicle Launch in Austin, Texas

  • Waymo introduces fully autonomous vehicles in Austin initially limited to Waymo employees.
  • The self-driving cars will cover around 43 square miles of Austin, including various neighborhoods.
  • The company hasn’t specified when the general public can expect autonomous rides.
  • Saswat Panigrahi, Waymo’s Chief Product Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the commencement of driverless operations in Austin.
  • Waymo’s recent authorization allows it to charge for rides in extended Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area regions.
  • Waymo’s robotaxis received authorization to expand operations into more counties surrounding major cities.
  • Waymo’s expansion into Austin follows a series of testing phases, from manual to fully autonomous driving, and eventually, passenger services.

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The expansion into Austin follows a comprehensive testing and development process, demonstrating Waymo’s commitment to safety and reliability. Despite challenges faced by competitors and regulatory scrutiny, Waymo maintains steady progress and expansion of its autonomous ride-hailing service.

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