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Hyundai Motor mulls Motional capital boost
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TRATON Chooses Plus To Power Future Level 4 Driverless Trucks
Vueron Technology
Vueron Technology aims for China’s LiDAR market
Outsight Joins GATE Alliance to Expand the Horizons of Lidar and Spatial Intelligence in Airport Technology
Autonomous Driving
Horizon Robotics
Intel-Backed Horizon Picks Banks for $500 Million Hong Kong IPO

1. Hyundai Motor mulls Motional capital boost

  • Hyundai Motor Group plans to participate in a capital increase for its U.S. autonomous driving joint venture, Motional, while competitors are reducing or halting investments in autonomous driving ventures.
  • Motional was established in 2020 as a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv Plc, with Hyundai’s stake expected to surpass 50 percent after the current capital increase as Aptiv opts out.
  • Many IT and automotive companies are scaling back or discontinuing investments in autonomous driving due to increasing development costs.
  • Examples include Apple shelving “Project Titan” and General Motors downsizing investments in Cruise.
  • Despite industry trends, Hyundai Motor Group, under Executive Chair Euisun Chung, remains committed to investing in autonomous driving, urban air mobility (UAM), and robotics as key future business sectors.
  • Hyundai Motor Group, despite facing immediate losses, remains committed to forward-looking ventures such as UAM and robotics, as evidenced by significant operating losses incurred by Motional, Supernal (UAM business), and Boston Dynamics.

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Hyundai Motor Group’s decision to invest in Motional despite industry trends reflects its long-term commitment to autonomous driving technology and other futuristic ventures like UAM and robotics. The article highlights Hyundai Motor Group’s strategic vision and willingness to endure short-term losses for long-term gains in emerging technology sectors.

2. TRATON Chooses Plus To Power Future Level 4 Driverless Trucks

  • Plus, a global autonomous driving software provider, partners with truck-makers MAN, Navistar, and Scania to deploy autonomous long haul trucks globally.
  • TRATON SE, the parent company of the TRATON GROUP, which includes MAN, Navistar, and Scania, will directly produce and sell the Level 4 driverless freight solution.
  • Plus will provide its SuperDrive Level 4 software via the Open Autonomy Platform, while individual OEMs will source hardware and define the product.
  • The partnership fills a gap in the heavy truck AV race, with Navistar previously partnering with TuSimple until technical issues arose.
  • Testing of TRATON GROUP trucks equipped with Plus’s Level 4 SuperDrive is underway in Europe and the U.S. with safety drivers on board.
  • The partners plan to pilot commercial operations with fleets later this year before starting series production and global deployment at scale.
  • Plus’s previous partnerships, ongoing testing in Germany, and plans for automated trucking pilots in Europe indicate its strategic growth in the autonomous trucking market.
  • Analysts estimate a significant market demand for Level 4 trucking by 2035, making TRATON’s selection of Plus as an ADS provider significant.
  • The announcement suggests a shift towards OEMs accessing Level 4 autonomous technology through familiar channels, with Plus’s modular approach aligning with industry trends.
  • The U.S. remains the primary focus for the commercialization of driverless trucks, with Navistar and Plus reentering the competition, indicating active investment and development in autonomous trucking.

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The partnership between Plus and TRATON GROUP brands signifies a strategic move towards the commercial deployment of autonomous long haul trucks, addressing market demands for safer and more efficient transportation solutions. Plus’s expertise in autonomous driving software and TRATON’s manufacturing capabilities position them well to capitalize on the growing demand for Level 4 autonomous trucks, both in the U.S. and Europe.

3. Vueron Technology aims for China’s LiDAR market

  • Major global automakers are scaling back on autonomous driving technology development due to a lack of tangible results, but China remains invested in the technology, particularly in LiDAR.
  • Chinese companies have surpassed the U.S. and Japan in LiDAR-related patent applications. Vueron Technology aims to capitalize on this trend by entering the Chinese market with its LiDAR-based object detection software.
  • Vueron’s product, VueOne+, features an advanced deep learning network called VueNet, offering superior cognitive performance compared to its predecessor and enabling better object detection and classification.
  • VueOne+ is being streamlined for mass production, with plans to integrate it into existing ADAS systems within the first half of the year, potentially leading to a significant increase in revenue for Vueron.
  • Beyond ADAS, Vueron has developed VueTwo, a smart city infrastructure solution that utilizes fixed LiDAR sensors, receiving recognition at CES 2024 and attracting interest from domestic and international markets.
  • Vueron plans to secure additional investment to acquire talent and prepare for a listing targeted for 2026, capitalizing on opportunities in the autonomous driving market focused on level 2 and level 3 vehicles.

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Vueron Technology’s strategic focus on LiDAR-based solutions positions it well in the growing autonomous driving and smart city infrastructure markets, especially in regions like China where there’s strong investment in these technologies.

4. Outsight Joins GATE Alliance to Expand the Horizons of Lidar and Spatial Intelligence in Airport Technology

  • Outsight, a leader in 3D LiDAR-Based Spatial AI Software Solutions, has joined GATE – The Airport Technology Network, an alliance aimed at advancing airport infrastructure innovation.
  • The GATE Alliance, established in 1992, comprises 95 members involved in various aspects of airport operations, including industry giants like Siemens Logistics and T-Systems International.
  • Outsight’s membership in GATE will facilitate collaboration with other members to enhance airport operations using Spatial Intelligence, improving efficiency, passenger experience, and safety.
  • Outsight’s Spatial AI technology, based on LiDAR, offers insights into people flows and asset utilization in airport environments, contributing to smarter and more efficient operations.
  • LiDAR technology enables people and object tracking without relying on facial identification, ensuring privacy and security even in low-light conditions.
  • Raul Bravo, Founder-President of Outsight, highlights the importance of LiDAR in airport management and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate within the GATE Alliance to further deploy this technology for enhancing airport operations.

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Participation in alliances like GATE allows companies like Outsight to access expertise and resources across the airport industry value chain, fostering innovation and driving the adoption of advanced technologies in airport management. Outsight’s involvement in GATE underscores the growing recognition of LiDAR’s importance in airport infrastructure and highlights the potential for further advancements and applications of this technology in the aviation sector.

5. Intel-Backed Horizon Picks Banks for $500 Million Hong Kong IPO

  • Horizon Robotics, a Chinese autonomous driving computing solutions provider, plans to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong this year, aiming to raise around $500 million.
  • The company is collaborating with China Securities International, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and Morgan Stanley for its first-time share sale, with a preliminary prospectus expected to be filed in the coming weeks.
  • Details of the IPO, including size and timeline, are subject to change, and the discussions are in early stages, according to sources familiar with the matter.
  • Horizon Robotics, backed by investors like Hillhouse Capital and BYD Co., specializes in developing chips and software for autonomous vehicles and other devices such as smart speakers.
  • Its partners include major companies like Volkswagen AG’s Audi, SAIC Motor Corp., and SK Telecom Co., showcasing its significance in the autonomous driving technology ecosystem.
  • In recent years, Horizon Robotics received strategic investments from Chery Automobile Co. and raised substantial funds in Series C funding rounds in 2021 and 2022, indicating strong investor interest in its technology and growth potential.

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Horizon Robotics’ decision to go public reflects its confidence in its technology and market demand for autonomous driving solutions, particularly in China. The involvement of major investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley underscores the potential investor interest in the IPO, highlighting the significance of Horizon Robotics’ offerings in the autonomous driving industry.

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