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[240319] #TIER IV #Arm #RoboSense

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Remote driving startup Phantom Auto is shutting down
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1. TIER IV partners with Arm on new automotive technologies

  • TIER IV, known for open-source autonomous driving technology, collaborates with Arm, a semiconductor and software design leader.
  • The partnership, including TIER IV and Autoware Foundation (AWF), with Arm aims to develop virtual platforms and software solutions using Arm Automotive Enhanced (AE) technologies.
  • TIER IV integrates its cloud-native DevOps and MLOps platform, Web.Auto, with virtual Arm processors on AWS cloud instances to address the need for faster hardware and software development cycles in software-defined vehicles.
  • Web.Auto offers development platform tools like AD simulators, CI/CD data pipeline, fleet management, and remote monitoring systems for efficient development and safe operation of AD systems.
  • The collaboration is a continuation of CES 2024 Autoware Open AD Kit demonstration, showcasing Web.Auto’s capabilities.
  • The aim is to revolutionize hardware and chip development for future AD applications, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions before investing in physical hardware.
  • TIER IV leads efforts to deploy AD systems across Japan, aligned with the government’s objective of establishing driverless services.
  • The collaboration aims to provide automakers and chipmakers with tools for designing essential hardware, accelerating the transition from AD proof-of-concept tests to widespread commercial deployments.

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By integrating cloud-native platforms with virtual processors, the partnership aims to streamline development cycles, a critical factor in the rapidly evolving landscape of autonomous vehicles. The emphasis on virtual prototyping reflects a strategic shift towards minimizing reliance on physical hardware for testing and development, potentially reducing costs and time-to-market.

2. LeddarTech partners with Arm for advanced vehicle tech

  • LeddarTech Holdings Inc. collaborates with semiconductor company Arm to enhance ADAS and AD technologies.
  • LeddarTech’s LeddarVision software will integrate with Arm’s Automotive Enhanced (AE) technology to expedite software-defined vehicle development.
  • The partnership aims to improve CPU capabilities for ADAS, shorten time-to-market, and accelerate innovation in the automotive industry.
  • LeddarTech emphasizes its history of innovation and the robustness of the joint solution for the automotive sector.
  • Arm’s Vice-President highlights the importance of swift innovation and how the partnership can support OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.
  • LeddarTech has faced challenges in revenue decline and weak gross profit margins, according to financial metrics.
  • The company’s market cap is $106.74M USD, with a high Price / Book multiple, indicating high revenue valuation multiple and price volatility.

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The collaboration between LeddarTech and Arm signifies the increasing importance of software-driven solutions in the automotive industry, particularly in ADAS and AD technologies. By integrating LeddarTech’s AI-based sensor fusion and perception technology with Arm’s hardware solutions, the partnership aims to provide more efficient and advanced systems for automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

3. RoboSense Wins 2024 Tech.AD Award for Perception and Sensing

  • RoboSense’s M3 lidar sensor won the Tech.AD Europe Award 2024 in the Perception and Sensing category for its innovation in powering intelligent vehicles.
  • The M3 is a long-range, automotive-grade sensor that achieves a 300m range at 10% reflectivity using 940nm wavelengths, rivaling incumbent sensors.
  • It features advanced 2D scanning technology with a 0.05° x 0.05° angular resolution within the region of interest (ROI), enabling the detection of smaller objects at longer distances.
  • Designed on a modular platform, the M3 allows seamless upgrades to the next generation without extra design changes or validation, crucial for OEM customers iterating on ADAS and AD systems.
  • RoboSense’s mass manufacturing capabilities, including a CNAS-accredited lab for stringent validation and testing, provide an advantage for customers.
  • The company has obtained 62 vehicle model design wins and assisted 12 OEMs and Tier 1 customers in mass production.
  • The company has diversified its customer base globally, working with North American-based OEMs, Japanese OEMs, Tier 1 companies, and mobility startups.

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RoboSense’s recognition in the Tech.AD Europe Award underscores its leadership in lidar and perception solutions for the automotive industry, particularly in advancing intelligent vehicle technologies. The M3 sensor’s innovative features, such as long-range capabilities and compact design using 940nm technology, highlight RoboSense’s commitment to driving mass adoption of automotive-grade sensors.

4. Remote driving startup Phantom Auto is shutting down

  • Phantom Auto, a remote driving startup, is shutting down after failing to secure new funding.
  • The company, founded seven years ago, developed a teleoperation platform allowing remote drivers to operate vehicles if needed.
  • Despite raising $95 million, including a $25 million raise in 2023, the startup could not secure another round of funding.
  • At its peak, Phantom Auto employed around 120 people, but staff cuts reduced the workforce to a little over 100.
  • The closure reflects challenges faced by startups in the autonomous vehicle industry, with many failing to meet optimistic deployment timelines.
  • Founder and CEO Shai Magzimof announced the closure on LinkedIn, citing market conditions and insufficient funding.
  • The company had traction in customer deployments, particularly in logistics, including agreements with Maersk, CJ Logistics, ArcBest, and Serve Robotics.
  • Initially focused on autonomous vehicles on public roads, Phantom Auto pivoted in 2019 to target logistics vehicles and sidewalk delivery robots.

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Phantom Auto’s closure highlights the challenges faced by startups in securing funding amidst evolving market conditions, particularly in industries with ambitious timelines like autonomous vehicles.

5. Mitsubishi Corp to invest in TIER IV: Transforming regional mobility with autonomous driving

  • Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) makes a strategic investment in TIER IV, Inc. (TIER IV), a leader in open-source autonomous driving technology.
  • The investment aims to transform mobility services in regional areas using autonomous driving technology.
  • MC has been actively involved in the “Digital Transformation of Regional Mobility” initiative, focusing on enhancing transportation efficiency in rural Japan.
  • A-Drive Inc. was established by MC to provide autonomous driving services, conducting proof-of-concept tests across Japan.
  • TIER IV develops safe and efficient autonomous driving systems using open-source technology, particularly through its Autoware platform.
  • The investment strengthens the collaborative relationship between MC and TIER IV, supporting the advancement of autonomous driving initiatives.

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MC’s investment in TIER IV reflects a strategic move to leverage autonomous driving technology in addressing transportation challenges, particularly in rural areas. A-Drive Inc.’s focus on autonomous driving services for large route buses highlights the potential for autonomous technology to alleviate driver shortages and improve public transportation services.

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